Reid Reinagel

Prior to starting in commercial real estate, Reid worked for Bus2Alps in Florence, Italy as a travel specialist. During his time in this role, he was able to travel extensively throughout Europe while balancing sales, guiding and operations. Once back in the states, Reid started his career in real estate on the residential side working for Door Realty in Dallas and Houston, Texas where he worked exclusively with buyers. He would advise clients based off of suitability and market conditions. While he enjoyed his time in the residential real estate world, he knew he wanted to work commercial real estate and decided to relocate to Birmingham and began working with Retail Strategies as a Retail Development Coordinator. In this role, Reid specialized in retail recruitment for over 30 clients in the Midwest region and Florida while using industry relationships with the brokerage and development community to assist retail expansions in these markets. Reid is a graduate at Lagrange College in Lagrange, GA and holds a Bachelor of Science degree.

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